What is your Company name?

Pretty straight forward...

Don't know what an "Onliness Statement" is?Read about it here.

What is your company?

Not too painful. What type of company are you or what does it do?

"Harley Davidson is the ONLY motorcycle manufacturer..."
"Hooters is the ONLY chain of restaurants..."
"Jupiter and the Giraffe is the ONLY branding agency..."

What does your company do that is different?

Thinking of your competitors, what makes you stand out?

Harley Davidson: "...makes big, loud motorcycles..."
Hooters: "...hires overtly sexy waitresses..."
Jupiter and the Giraffe: "...brings ambitious, global brand thinking..."

What type of customer do you sell to?

What is the type of customer that buys your product or service. Maybe you could shake things up a bit and think about who you want to sell to.

Harley Davidson: "...macho guys (and macho “wannabees”)..."
Hooters: "...young male customers..."
Jupiter and the Giraffe: "...young, creative entrepreneurs..."

Where does your customer live?

Where geographically does your customer or target customer live?

Harley Davidson: "...the United States..."
Hooters: "...the United States..."
Jupiter and the Giraffe: "...and around planet Earth..."

Why does need your product/service?

What specific pain-point do you solve for this customer?

Harley Davidson: "...want to join a gang of cowboys..."
Hooters: "...want to indulge their libidos..."
Jupiter and the Giraffe: "...want to demonstrate their uniqueness..."

What trend is your customer a victim of?

What economical, social or political trends affect your customer that compels them to use your product or service?

This is the most powerful part of the onliness statement. Tapping into this will make your product or service most compelling. Start this with "In an era of..." and you're cooking on gas!

Harley Davidson: " an era of decreasing personal freedom"
Hooters: " an era of strict political correctness"
Jupiter and the Giraffe: " an era of boredom and sameness"

Onliness Statement


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