What is an Onliness Statement?

The onliness statement was coined by the great Marty Neumeier in his branding book "Zag". It was developed from the "Unique Selling Proposition" by Rosser Reeves.

The aim of this statement is to position your product or service in a unique way and encapsulate the "big idea" that it worth buying.

How To Create Your Onliness Statement

Fill in the blanks:

[Company Name] is THE ONLY (category)
THAT (differentiation characteristic)
FOR (customer)
IN (market geography)
WHO (need state)
DURING (underling trend)

Jupiter and the Giraffe's Onliness Statement

Jupiter and the Giraffe is THE ONLY branding agency
THAT brings ambitious and interesting global brand thinking
FOR young, creative entrepreneurs
IN and around Planet Earth
WHO want to demonstrate their uniqueness
DURING an era of boring sameness

We recommend everyone has an onliness statement and we build this tool to make is super easy for people to implement. If you're interested in developing your brand, please contact Jupiter and the Giraffe and we'll do something awesome together.

Thanks Marty, for your infinite words of wisdom.